ANTIFRIZ concentrate (1:1=-36°C) G13

Thanks to innovative inhibitors (by applying LOBRID technology) this antifreeze provides long-term corrosion protection for all metals in the engine cooling system, and especially for aluminium alloys and light metals.

It meets international specifications BS 6580:2010, ASTM D3306 and OEM specifications: VW TL-774J (G13), AUDI TL-774J, SKODA TL-774J, SEAT TL-774J, PORSCHE TL-774J.

• Extended drain intervals up to 250,000 km for passenger cars and up to 500,000 km for commercial vehicles or 5 years whichever occurs first. • Excellent corrosion protection • Protects against overheating • Protects from freezing • Year-round-use • Suitable as a summer coolant


1000 ml

3000 ml

5000 ml