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A professional grade detergent for the prewashing of vehicles of all types and colours. A special formula enables application on all types of polish and in all weather conditions without the risk of superficial damage. Special inhibitors and decelerated drying guarantee a safe wash in high temperatures with the preservation of even the most sensitive kinds of polish. The active components and moderate foaminess of this product eliminate dirt from the bodywork of the vehicle, while providing a high gloss and quick rinse. Compatible with every method of washing, including high-pressured washers, automated carwashes, floor washers and water-recycling units.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017 19:18


NH liquid removes the smell of decomposition that develops in the water stored in automated car washes, water separators, and water recycling units.


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Tuesday, 26 September 2017 19:16


A professional grade product for the simple, quick and efficient removal of even the toughest insect remains from all vehicle surfaces.

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Concentrated professional grade product that protects and revives the original colouring of all kinds of tires, giving them a high gloss. When used regularly, it provides elasticity for the tire, which prevents the formation of cracks. Can be used on rubber mats.

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Due to its top of the line complex components, this product can be widely used in all segments of the car wash process. It is used for the cleaning of the toughest grime from bodywork, engines, and wheel rims of personal and cargo vehicles, heavy machinery, grills, pavements, garden furniture, facades, furniture, floors and so on. The product, when applied properly, with its moderate foaminess, antistatic properties, drying decelerator, enables a high diluting ratio with water, regardless of water hardness and with no damage to treated surfaces and removes all dirt such as: oils, grease, smog, insects, petrol, etc. Compatible with all washing methods, including pressurised washing equipment, automated carwashes, floor washing equipment and water recycling machines.


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Tuesday, 26 September 2017 14:14

BOX WAX water repelling wax

BOX WAX is a professional grade, polymer, cation wax with water repelling properties, appropriate for automated and self-service carwashes. Moderate foaminess, a pleasant scent, watery shine and bodywork protection is achieved using water, regardless of hardness, and even recycled water. This product does not leave grease stains on glass surfaces, body work or machine brushes. BOX WAX is a fine addition to any automated carwash where the wash is not finalised manually, using a cloth.

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A concentrated alkaline based product for a highly effective wash, developed specially for washing personal and heavy vehicles in self-service carwashes. Can also be used for manual and automated prewashing. Easily removes all tough organic and chemical stains (insects, grease stains, smog, salt, exhaust residue, mud...). Pleasantly scented and compatible with water purifying and recycling units. Easily diluted in water, creates an abundance of foam that is rinsed easily when used properly.


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A highly efficient detergent for the thorough washing of all body work and colour types used in self-service carwashes. This product complies with all demands of modern, fast and efficient cleaning in both classic and modern self-service carwashes. BOX WASH ensures supreme washing characteristics, with moderate foaminess, antistatic properties, decelerated drying and a high proportion of water diluting, regardless of water hardness, and facilitates an effortless, damage free cleaning of all types of impurities, such as oil stains, grease, smog, insects, petrol, etc. Perfect foaminess and a pleasant scent enable an enjoyable, quick and efficient wash, while also facilitating the water drain process, without clogging the drain. Due to a special formula, this detergent is quickly and completely dissolved in all water types, which makes the product efficient even in lower water temperatures, cutting the cost of the wash, while retaining the quality. An additive preserves the paint and makes it easier to wash. The product is also enriched with a corrosion inhibitor which, assisted by the products optimal foaminess, prevents oxidation of even the most sensitive types of polish and recycled plastic components under high temperatures. The chemical make-up of this product is beneficial to the technical parts of the carwash like gaskets, pumps, nozzles and cleaner liquid dispensers, extending service intervals and thus further cutting the maintenance costs of the equipment. Unlike other powdery detergents, this product does not create dusty, oxidising residue which may cause electrical systems failure.


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Tuesday, 26 September 2017 13:48

ANTICALC rust and lime scale remover

A professional grade concentrated product designed to remove tough rust and lime scale residue. Efficiently removes stains created by rust and oxidation from the under side of cargo vehicles, bodywork, train carts, cisterns, trains, brakes, hub caps, ceramic tiles and is especially effective when used on stains created on floors through prolonged treatment with alkaline detergents and hard water. The efficient formula of this product enables application on all floor types. Its low to moderate degree of foaminess makes this product suitable for automated, as well as manual use.

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