BOX WASH car washing detergent for self-service carwash use

A highly efficient detergent for the thorough washing of all body work and colour types used in self-service carwashes. This product complies with all demands of modern, fast and efficient cleaning in both classic and modern self-service carwashes. BOX WASH ensures supreme washing characteristics, with moderate foaminess, antistatic properties, decelerated drying and a high proportion of water diluting, regardless of water hardness, and facilitates an effortless, damage free cleaning of all types of impurities, such as oil stains, grease, smog, insects, petrol, etc. Perfect foaminess and a pleasant scent enable an enjoyable, quick and efficient wash, while also facilitating the water drain process, without clogging the drain. Due to a special formula, this detergent is quickly and completely dissolved in all water types, which makes the product efficient even in lower water temperatures, cutting the cost of the wash, while retaining the quality. An additive preserves the paint and makes it easier to wash. The product is also enriched with a corrosion inhibitor which, assisted by the products optimal foaminess, prevents oxidation of even the most sensitive types of polish and recycled plastic components under high temperatures. The chemical make-up of this product is beneficial to the technical parts of the carwash like gaskets, pumps, nozzles and cleaner liquid dispensers, extending service intervals and thus further cutting the maintenance costs of the equipment. Unlike other powdery detergents, this product does not create dusty, oxidising residue which may cause electrical systems failure.




25 kg